Sightseeing Tour 1:

Our chauffer will pick you up from your hotel at the time you request. This trip goes via Murnau, Bad Kohlgrub and Steingaden (or, alternatively, via Salzburg, Weilheim and Peisenberg) to Hohenschwangau.

Within a short time we will be able to make a short stop at the famous 18th century "Wieskirche", a rococo-style pilgrimage church. We will then continue through the idyllic countryside of the Bavarian foothills to eastern Allgäu. In the distance you will be able to see Neuschwanstein, the fairy-tale castle built by King Ludwig II. A shuttle bus or a horse-drawn carriage will take you directly to the castle. During this journey, be sure to enjoy the beautiful view from the Marienbrücke. Once you have sampled the world of Ludwig II, the trip will take you to the next romantic castle in the early afternoon, the Linderhof Castle.

The trip to Linderhof crosses the border into Austria, goes along Tyrolean mountain peaks, past the beautifully located Lake Plansee to return to Germany shortly before reaching Linderhof. Here you can tour Castle Linderhof, built in French baroque style. In the summer, be sure to visit the beautiful gardens and the artificial grotto, which the fairy-tale prince Ludwig II used as a stage for his Wagner operas.

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