Sightseeing Tour 5:

Visit the world-famous Andechs monastery, nestled in the charming countryside of the Bavarian Alpine foothills it is located directly on a „holy mountain“. The Andechs monastery is a Benedictine order with a history reaching back to the 14th century. Of particular interest is the monastery’s beautiful rococo church.

However, the Andechs monastery is also famous for a worldly speciality: The traditional beer brewery, which the Benedictine monks have maintained for centuries, refining the art of brewing as well as the constant care and improvement of the recipes.

Your tour will visit the monastery complex as well as the brewery. Round off the eventful day with a light meal in the monastery tavern where the smooth beer is tapped directly from wooden barrels.

On clear days, the tavern’s terrace offers a wonderful view of the Alps to the south. Here in the beautiful countryside you can escape the stress of day-to-day life with a long walk in the Bavarian foothills before your chauffer brings you back to your departure location.

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